Wherever you are, we can help you to find the easiest and cost-effective method get the materials you need to your jobsite. Our experienced project teams are ready to interpret your specifications, select the best products for your projects in Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Iraq, Iran and Middle East.

We can provide a complete supply package for fire protection projects through Central Asia. We have 15 years experience of supplying infrastructure, industrial and commercial construction with UL FM , GOST approved ductile iron and PVC piping , fire hydrants and water control systems. We also offer a supply service or fire sprinkler systems. We are experts in matching project specifications with available products. We have projects experience throughout Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan

We have decades of experience supplying to the construction industry; Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania through Turkey. Our projects for fire protection, mechanical projects are completed with a full range of UL FM, GOST , BS, ISO , DIN standards. Our personnel have experience complying with international standards, matching project specifications with available products.

We supply complete range of Turkish made products including PVC pipe, valves and full range of piping accessories for construction industry. Our local branch in Iraq highly experienced in specification interpretation for water and infrastructure construction will work with you to select best products that best meets for your requirements.

We have very detailed experience to supply all needs to the construction segment in Tunisia and Algeria. We can supply pipes, valves and fittings for water and sewer construction. We offer the best quality timber and engineered wood from Nordic countries to support manufacturers in wood industry.

Our Mission

To build long term partnerships based on quality assurance, competitive pricing and reliable delivery with a commitment to respectful, ethical and fair business practices in the global industry.

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